As a young child growing up I realised that I was not normal. Compared to the other kids that I used to associate with I found that there was something not right with me. I experienced a lack of confidence, an inadequacy to follow basic instruction, was socially fearful and unable to really comprehend what was expected of me.

I stuttered, struggled to put sentences together and could not understand lessons in class. As my parents were preparing to send me to kindergarten I recall it being the worst day of my life as I was extremely anxious. Every child in my era completed one year of kindergarten but I had to do two years as they said I was not ready for the next level of schooling.

In my ears I had constant ringing which overshadowed what anybody tried to say to me, it was like being under water and hearing the perptual sound of an outboard motor of a boat above you. By the time I got into Primary One I was failing all my subjects miserably. This was when I tried on 2 to 3 occasions to take my life. My plan was to poison the drink that my mum used to give me for lunch or to stand in front of one of the teachers cars so I could get run over.

I was heavily bullied because of my lack of intelligence and under these circumstances life was a constant misery. Later it was found out that I had Autism and to add to it I also had obsessive compulsive tendencies due to my constant anxiety whereby my life was filled with rituals to make me feel more secure. For example I would open and close the door and lock it up to 25 times in one sitting or I would tighten and re tighten the cap of a bottle up to 15 times or switch the lights on and off numerous times as a way to alleviate my anxiety. Somehow or other in hindsight the hand of God was hovering over my life.

Not until 1982 when I was 13 years of age that I met a man called Yongi Cho from South Korea who came down to Singapore to run an evangelistic crusade for 7 days. In the last day of this crusade I finally gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. It was here that I challenged Jesus and said ” if you are real then heal me of all my mental difficulties”. Sure enough one year later God delivered me completely from my Autism.

Living Faith Church

Ever since this miraculous healing that God did in my life I made an oath before Him that as long as He kept me alive I would never stop speaking about Your healing power. This is one of the reasons why I travel and I continue to do ministry on a daily basis. He has made me a walking and living example of his healing power on my life so that others can know that “all things are possible for those that believe in Him”. The sheer fact that I am still alive is a miracle.

Reg is an ordained Assemblies of God Minister and Senior Pastor of Living Faith Community Church. He currently resides in Perth and is married to Caryn a Clinical Psychologist and they have two sons.


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